Derrick Moore – This former American football running back gave superb speech for the Georgia Tech’s season opener and it was sensational


Derrick Moore born in 1967 in Albany, Georgia in USA is a former American football running back for the teams like Detroit Lions and Carolina Panthers in the National Football league or NFL. This Derrick Moore has made big impact with his great skills and is very famous. In the year 1996 TV Land channel was first established and Derrick Moore took part in the reality series titled ‘’ the Big 4-0’’ and made many heads turn.

It must be noted that Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team is a superb team that represents the famous Georgia Institute of Technology and for this team Derrick Moore as team chaplain is remarkable.

It is great to mention here that he shares s special bond and friendship with the players of Georgia Tech football team and in the year 2007 when the team was getting ready to start their season Derrick Moore prepared his team players and made those members knew how the season was important for them. Derrick Moore’s pre-game address was spoken greatly. He said he was happy to know each and every member of the team by their names.

Derrick Moore further with some references to god made each player knew their responsibilities and their abilities to win. This superb speech had great effect on his players and they won the game. Awesome Derrick Moore!!

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