Designer Henna (Mehndi) Artist: Neha Assar

Designer Henna (Mehndi) Artist- Neha Assar-1

Henna-designing is an artistry of a different and unique kind. Those that possess this skill are very special and gifted people. But do you think a henna-artist can actually be news? Yes, for sure. Meet Neha Assar. She is a henna-artist and she’s not the regular-kind, who just applies typical but beautiful mehndi-designs in brides’ hands.

Assar, 35, a mother of two, is in fact a new-age henna-artist who has been in this(part-time, she’s a full-time electrical engineer!) line of business for a very long time now. Guess where is the location of her practice? In the US of A. Although is the favorite of the brides’ in her native Los Angeles, her craftiness has taken her to places including Texas, New York, Canada and Mexico. In a calendar year, Assar paints henna in 80 to 100 events.

Designer Henna (Mehndi) Artist- Neha Assar-1

Her skill is so special and her henna-art is so specialized that she invests three hours crafting henna on a bride’s hands, and then another three hours doing her legs. She carries around a henna-kit which heat-proof cosmetics tool-box with all the essentials, and tubes of henna paste ordered specially from Hyderabad.

Speaking about her artistic-curve that Assar has inherited from her architect-father, Assar takes inspiration from Rajasthani art and has further polished her skill taking after Pakistani and Arabic henna traditions.

Designer Henna (Mehndi) Artist- Neha Assar-1

And Assar specifically wears an all-black attire for the occasion. Of course, when she began, she would deck up in a sari, but that all changed when “I realized that I want to be known as the artist, so I need to stand out.”

While sits around long hours doing her job, she does not forget to do bit of marketing as she hands out her business-cards and logos.

Assar has displayed this skill of hers for many well-known names such as jeweler Haati Chai, and also done henna-gigs in Oscar-parties and LA Fashion Week events.

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