Dev Sengupta- This Kolkata based engineer was not alive for 52 seconds but came back to life miraculously and is sensational


This is one of the most sensational news that has hit the headlines now. Kolkata based engineer Dev Sengupta met with an accident and was crushed under a truck. He died for a period of 52 seconds but came to life later in the year 2012.
Dev Sengupta said a track with 12 wheels crushed him.

He was taken to hospital and in the operation table he died for 52 seconds. Then came back to life and in the ICU he went into the coma state. He also revealed that when he moved close to a big gap between the first four wheels and last six wheels of a big truck.

The worst was the back six wheels of the truck went over his spine and legs and at time he had severe pain. It is sad to hear that he got his entire rib cage broken plus legs were crushed because of the truck wheels running over them. He also shared in detail how his parts like liver, kidneys, circulatory system etc got severely affected due to this accident.

On the operation table he died for 52 seconds during the surgery. The worst part is his both legs were removed due to many issues and was later discharged on 36th day and surprised many when he went to college 20 days later. Awesome Dev Sengupta!!

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