Devotional Library in Hands via Mobile App for Telugu People

Devotional Library in Hands via Mobile App for Telugu People

Today we are sharing initiative of 3 people from India who are providing library of free books through their mobile app. Here are excerpts of interview with the Co-founder Raja Komireddy.

Please let us know about your venture and how it’s different from others?

Other service providers are serving only their free books, we gathered free books from all over web and make a single point.

How did you get the idea to start this?

We struggled to get free books in single location, not aware of people where the free books available in the web.  So we want to make single source to all devotional books lovers.

Let us know about the people who are behind this venture?

My brother Srinivasa Reddy, My Friend Ramanajaneyulu Gundala.

Have you got any kind of funding, if not do you have any such plans?

Currently I have received funding from my friend, planned to go crowd funding in future for developing this service.

How big is your team size and from which location do you operate?

Directly 3 people are operating, indirectly around 10members are actively helping in this project activities.

What are your future plans?

Every Indian must have devotional library in hands with free of cost and easy available. Currently we did this project in Andhra Pradesh, if any state people come, we will collaborate, will do same action.

Which is one thing which Motivates you to be in this field?

I have struggled to get free books related in devotional, but we want to spread Hindu Sanathana Dharma, without free resources how can we motivate people. So I want to provide free resources to learn about Dharma, then people will read and practice.

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