Dheeraj R. Pasham: Indian American Researcher & his discovery about “Black Holes”

Dheeraj Pasham

In your science textbooks you must have read and studied about the famous ‘Black Hole.’ Yet chances of you coming across its measurements are close to nil. So what would you think when you got to learn that there is a group of brainy people that have in fact successfully measured the size of a Black Hole? Well, science is all about making all things unthinkable possible. Meet Dheeraj Pasham. He and his two partners came together to achieve this remarkable feat.

At its Center

An astronomy-graduate student Pasham from University of Maryland collaborated with two others and were able to take measurements of a Black Hole, which has the reputation of being one of the most elusive objects in outer space. The black hole in question was found to be hiding somewhere in the galaxy called M82. This particular galaxy is touted to be at a distance of 12 million light years away from Earth. These findings were recorded online in the journal called Nature, in August this year.

Black holes
Representational Picture

Significant for Space Science

Pasham’s discovery of measuring the size of a black hole is being seen as a pivotal accomplishment for space science. Reason being, the black hole, and there innumerable of them, because intermediate mass black holes are very difficult to measure, and even their existence is questionable. So astronomer are forced to ponder over the behavior of them.

What is a Black Hole?

It is basically an area of space that contains mass so dense that does not allow even light to escape from its gravity. Black holes are notorious for being invisible, and the only way for astronomers to sight them is through tracking their gravitational pull on other objects.

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