Dick Beardsley-This man lost his son named Andy but is inspiring many now with his running

Dick Beardsley-This man lost his son named Andy but is inspiring many now with his running
Pic: milesandmeterspodcast.com

It is very tough for anyone to lose their son or daughter and then coming out of that issue is really hard and takes lots of time. A man named Dick Beardsley lost his own son named Andy and has come of the sadness and is now inspiring many around him with his amazing running talents. Remarkable isn’t it!!

It must be noted that Andy lost his life last year in Detroit Lakes, USA. This Andy aged just 31 killed himself suicide as he could not bear the post traumatic stress disorder. This created a huge depression on Dick Beardsley who had always loved his son Andy more than anybody. At the beginning this Dick Beardsley could not come to terms with the death of his son.

It is now said that the time Dick Beardsley spent outdoors bought him peace and happiness. This man took great interests in running and he came second in the famous Boston Marathon in 1982 only next to the winner Alberto Salazar. It is amazing to note that a mere 1.6 seconds separated him and Alberto Salazar. As a result running got him a contract with New Balance Shoe Company.

According to Dick Beardsley running made him happy and took him to an extent he never imagined in his life before. It is really sad that he could not take part in 1984 Olympics due to Achilles tendon issue. It must be noted that he settled with his wife in Wayzata farm after his career in running finished. Superb Dick Beardsley!!

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