Did You Paid A Bribe? Here’s What ‘I Paid A Bribe’ ask you to do

Representational Picture
Representational Picture
  •  ‘I Paid a Bribe’ is a website which ask people to report if they ever paid a bribe.
  • This website is ‘Janaagraha’s’ unique initiative to tackle corruption by harnessing the collective energy of citizens.
  • While surfing the website we got to know they have received 50,000 + reports so far on Bribe.
  • Rs. 2,000 Crore + have been paid through bribes.
  • 700+ cities have reported bribe payments.
  • They have 10 Million+ website visits so far.
  • It has sections like ‘I Paid a Bribe’, ‘I Am A Bribe Fighter’, ‘I Met An Honest Officer’ etc.

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