Digital Platform For Video Creators: nexGTV Launches SPOTlight with Imtiaz Ali

Digital Platform For Video Creators nexGTV Launches SPOTlight with Imtiaz Ali

YouTube is the go-to place for all who want to upload audios and videos and let the world know how talented and skillful they are. Since its launch, YouTube has seen sensational progress and today it’s also turned out to be a medium on its own.

Given its popularity and widening reach, there’s also a chance of getting lost in the crowd, and somebody who is aspiring to touch millions with his talent might not be successful in his endeavor, because YouTube is so full of videos of literally every type there is!

So what do you do?

You could upload your videos on SPOTlight. It is something on the lines of YouTube, but the USP of SPOTlight is that uploaders will get paid on per-view basis. That’s great news isn’t it?

Furthermore the app will also award a cash-prize to the video of the month.

So basically you get a chance to show off your talent, be discovered and get paid for it. This app is good news for budding talents across the country.

SPOTlight is the latest pet-project of nexGTV, which is a mobile content accumulation platform.

The app has been launched tying-up with the acumen of popular writer-director-Imtiaz Ali (Jab We Met, Highway, Tamasha). He will be in-charge of judging the video of the month.

Talking about his association with the project, Imtiaz is all pumped up. “I always had a passion to make movies. When I went to Mumbai, I always looked for opportunities to make short films and so I got associated with this application so that the budding artistes find a “good” platform for them.”

How it works

You have to register on the app and you can start downloading your videos. And if you reckon anything you upload will just go through, then no. Your ideas will be monitored to ensure plagiarism, violence or obscenity doesn’t go through.

For now, the video-length for upload has been restricted to 7 minutes.

And if you’re thinking you’ll make bucks from first-view itself, the no. The billing would start after your video gets 3000 views.

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