Dr Adolph Brown- This educational psychologist is an educator for childrens in Navasota District High School in Texas and is simply superb

Pic: navasotaexaminer.com

An independent public school district in Texas,USA is in the limelight now. The reason being an educational psychologist has made his third visit to this school that gives preference for the children. Navasota Independent School District in Navasota in Texas is renowned public school district in Texas, USA.

At this school Dr Adolph Brown who is an educational psychologist made many heads turn as he changed himself to hip hop singer and stunned many with his baggy pants plus wig on his head. According to Dr Adolph brown not everybody could become their customer.

He also spoke about why he and others are in Navasota now as Navasota gives priority to children’s. Dr Adolph Brown also insisted the presence of the parents as they play a crucial role in the development of children. He said he would not work with a district if parents are not taken into consideration.

Dr Adolph Brown also spoke about how he was a researcher and he revealed how he was not a motivational speaker but an educator. He spoke his heart out on his grandparents and also touched upon his younger brother who was killed. He stressed the importance of appearance plus choice of friends etc. He also shared his thoughts on four ’’F’’s namely fun, fair, firm and faith and advised parents on these four F’s. Superb!!

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