Dr Klaus Deiter John- This doctor has devoted his life for the welfare of the peoples of Peru and he would be giving speech in Derry soon

Pic: derrynow.com

How often we have come across doctors who are regarded so highly by the people? Here a doctor named Klaus Deiter John is simply sensational and is an inspiring doctor who has changed the lives of many people living in South America’s Peru. Marvellous isn’t it!!

The latest news about this doctor is soon he would be giving speech in Derry which is the second largest city of North Ireland. It is important to note that he travels around the world and often spoke about the hospital he and his loving wife Martina have founded and this hospital is located in the city of Curahuasi district in Peru.

It is superb to note that the interdenominational hospital named ‘’Diospi Suyana’’ meaning ‘’We trust in God’’ is very famous these days and has attracted many people.

Hats off to this Dr Klaus Deiter John who got trained at the famous Harvard and Yale University hospitals and who has left his high paying job to work for the benefits of world’s poorest people in Peru. Dr Klaus spoke about how his training at the famous Harvard University general hospital and Yale University has done wonders for his career.

It is now said that Curahuasi district in Peru was in need of a hospital and Dr Klaus Deiter John and his wife Martina started a hospital to help many poor people. About 30 million people are present in Peru and the important point here is around half of the people who are indigenous and are exploited. They have very poor health and this hospital has treated amazing 1,40,000 people. Dr Klaus Deiter John inspires many now with his remarkable work!!

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