Dr Mahua Choudhury: Super Condom by Indo-American Professor

Dr Mahua Choudhury Super condom by Indo-American professor

These days apart from heart attack, kidney failure, cancer etc there is one more disease that causes death all over the world. Human Immuno defiency virus or HIV is a killer that had resulted in killing the human population to a great extent. It causes the dreaded Acquired Immuno Defiency Syndrome popularly known as Aids.

As per statement from World Health Organization, WHO, at the end of 2014 it is found that 36.9 million people all over the world are found to be infected with this HIV disease. The worst is 2.6million are children. It must be noted that HIV can be prevented from spreading by using condoms and testing blood before transfusion etc. It was said that an Indo-American professor had designed a super condom that can fight HIV, prevent sexually transmitted diseases plus unwanted pregnancies. It is said that a condom was made by Dr Mahua Choudhury from a polymer Hydrogel and is mixed with plant anti-oxidant ingredients having anti-HIV properties.

Dr Mahua Choudhury Super condom by Indo-American professor

An assistant professor at the famous Texas A&M Health Science Centre Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy, Dr Mahua, not only wanted the prevention of HIV but also wanted to eradicate it totally. It must be noted that Mahua Choudhury completed Molecular Biology, Biophysics and Genetics in India and PhD from USA. She said that this super condom would revolutionize the HIV prevention initiative. She was also one amongst 54 to be awarded Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant. Mahua Choudhury was of the opinion that when available at cheap rate and with greater appealing power this supercondom could prove to be life saving invention. Another piece of information was that this super condom can boast stimulant properties that increase pleasurable feelings during sex act. Really Amazing!!

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