Dr. Mani Lal Bhaumik, The Famous Laser Scientist – Global Indian

Dr Mani Lal Bhoumik (PP)

1) Dr. Mani Lal Bhaumik, the famous laser scientist was born into a poverty-stricken childhood in famine-struck Bengal and today he owns marble mansions at Bel Air, Beverly Hils, Malibu and Palos Verdes

2) He almost died of hunger in the 1942 man-made famine of Bengal but went on to dine with Hollywood stars and celebrities

3) He walked four miles to school, daily and today he’s a jet-setter and owns limousines

4) He used to study by the candle-light through all his childhood and went on to become the first PhD holder from an IIT in India

5) He attended school and grazed his family cows in the day time and studied by a wick lamp in his mud house at night

6) He won scholarship to the Scottish Church College in Calcutta, and that was the first time he bought shoes for himself

7) He moved to Calcutta University to complete his masters under famous Dr. SN Bose who is credited for ‘boson’

8) He fell in love with a classmate in IIT Kharagpur, who would not marry him because he had no money then

9) He then won a scholarship to University of California at Los Angeles, but did not have money to fly to the US. The money had to be raised by his father’s friends.

10) He went on to build the Excimer laser which cuts cold without burning what it cuts. It is used even today for corneal surgery

11) He is credited for building the most powerful laser used in the movie, Star Wars

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