Dr. Mohan Alva is the founder of ‘Alpha Pharmacy’ and many other organizations supporting the overall community growth


Dr. Mohan Alva, a doctor by profession took a long journey to become one. Initially, he was a student of polytechnic, took up Arts, and then finally landed up in Ayurveda, which is now his life and profession. He was graduated in 1981, after which he started preparing his own medicines for different problems. He initially started with an investment of Rs. 10000 with around 150 patients visiting him.

The Doctor then came out with Alva pharmacy. He worked pretty hard at the weekends to sell the medicines he prepared at their pharmacy. Dr. Mohan soon came out with a multi- speciality hospital in 1984, which offered patients wide flexibility in treating their problems. When he was climbing the stairs of success, he remembered the mantra his parents gave him in childhood to be better human and to serve the society.

Dr. Mohan Alva soon established ‘Ekalvya Sports Club’ in order to train students from the nearby institutions in sports. He always had a corner of his heart reserved for sports and cultural activities. He also came up with Alva’s Educational Trust in order to provide educational and other benefits to the students of the sports club. The doctor is not supported by any organization but he is still working to keep the organizations going.

When Dr. Alva was young he was selected amongst the Best talented youth in the world. He wants the student talent to come out of the shell for which he has launched ‘Student Adoption Scheme.’ He is training his students so well, that now they are even representing the country in Olympics.

Dr. Alva belongs to a small village, but he has enlightened the lives of uncountable people with his gestures.

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