Dr Radhadevi- She is the first Indian woman space scientist to get Eduard Dolezal Award

Dr Radhadevi- She is the first Indian woman space scientist to get Eduard Dolezal Award
Pic: mathrubhumi.com

The recent news that Dr Radhadevi a senior space scientist has received the superb Eduard Dolezal Award at Prague has brought cheers on the faces of many Indians. At the 23rd International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Congress, ISPRS in Prague this Dr Radhadevi was given the award and she was the cynosure of all eyes there.
It must not be forgotten that this award was first given in the year 1996 and this Radhadevi is now the eighth scientist to receive this prestigious award. By getting this award now she also became the first ever Indian woman space scientist who has done this. In the year 2000 India was made proud by one Dr UR. Rao chairman of ISRO as he was given this award for his contributions.

Dr TP. Sasikumar spoke about his wife Dr Radhadevi amd said that he was very happy and dedicated the ward to the young minds of the country. He also hoped that this award would inspire more women scientists to undertake missions in space. Colleagues at the Advanced Data Processing Research Institute, ADRIN in Hyderabad can now feel proud that Dr. Radhadevi has won this superb award. Her contributions in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing had been immense and it is for this reason she was chosen for the award now.

One superb piece of news is she received this award from Norbert Pfeiffer who is the president of Austrian Society of Surveying and Geo-Information and Lena Helounova, Congress director, ISPRS 2016.

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