Dr Venkatesh Murthy – An IIM-Rohtak Faculty is Teacher to Rag-pickers’ Children

Dr Venkatesh Murthy – An IIM-Rohtak Faculty is Teacher to Rag-pickers’ Children

Off-late there’s been a very strong push by the government to ensure that the Right to Education gets fulfilled for every citizen in the country – especially the youth. Of course the government’s efforts in this direction are definitely laudable, what’s more, people are coming forward and pitching in individually, and that is extremely commendable.

While the elite and middle-class are lucky to get easy-access to education, but it is the marginalized which need to be attended to. Realizing this, a faculty at IIM-Rohtak is wonderfully playing teacher to children of rag-pickers.

Meet Dr. Venkatesh Murthy. He’s a regular faculty at IIM- Rohtak, and then he devotes two hours teaching children of rag-pickers in Kabir Colony, Rohtak. And he’s a regular there too!

When asked as to how he got into giving teaching-time to the kids, he narrates an incident, “One night while riding a bicycle, I came across a rag-picker. We had a conversation and he told me that their children do not go to school. Next day, I visited the place and made inquiries. The plight of rag-pickers residing in this locality moved me and I decided to teach their children.”

The parents of these kids did not show inclination to Murthy’s idea at first, but he never gave up. It was a slow-and-steady process and eventually his plan worked out just fine. Today 60 kids are enrolled in his evening-school.

The kids are an enthusiastic bunch, Murthy says. “Children now eagerly wait for the evening to reach the classroom. It’s these moments of joy on the faces of poor children that I had been waiting to see.”

Till date, the kids have mastered the Hindi alphabet and various other elementary concepts.

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