Drew Brees – This USA based football quarterback awesome thanking speech to his fellow players and others was simply superb


Drew Christopher Brees is an amazing football quarterback born in 1979 in Austin, Texas, USA. At the National Football League or NFL he represents New Orleans Saints team. It was superb to note that he was a awesome player at the college at the renowned Purdue University and surprised many with his great skills. It is remarkable to note that Drew Brees in his career has two NCAA records plus others like 19 Purdue University records etc.

He was really sensational when he thanked each and every player of his team after he broke the record held by Dan Marino and spoke about how they contributed their part. It must be noted that Dan Marino held the record for most passing yards in a single season and in the year 2011 this Drew Brees broke the long standing record.

The speech was given by Drew Brees to his team mates, equipment managers plus others like owners etc in the locker room on 26th December in 2011 and it was really superb. Drew Brees words ‘’It’s about us’’ was superb and he thanked everybody from the players to the managers to the owners for his achievement of breaking the record of Dan Marino. It is now said that Drew Brees had great belief in the teamwork and that was highly responsible for his team New Orleans Saints do exceptionally well under him. Superb Drew Brees!!

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