Durgesh Kumar Rajput- a youngster bringing out hidden talents of children living in homes

Durgesh Kumar Rajput- a youngster bringing out hidden talents of children living in homes

Amity University is one of the leading universities of India with 1,25,000 students studying various subjects. It is said that this university boasts of world class infrastructure and its library has enormous collection of over one lakh books journals etc. It must be noted that this university is also responsible for producing professionals who are rich in humanity and social responsibility. Durgesh Kumar Rajput is one such from this prestigious university. He launched an initiative of ‘’Desi Pirates’’ to bring out the talent hidden inside children living in children homes.

Durgesh is of the opinion that everyone is a super hero and has some superpower inside them and can bring amazing changes to the society. This formed the basis of the initiative he had launched in July 2015 in Tis Hazari children home, a DMRC children home run by Salaam Balak Trust. He had taken the responsibility of visiting this home every weekend with his volunteers to teach some extracurricular activities for the children and bring out their hidden talents in dancing, singing, arts etc. The children who were deaf and dumb showed great skills in arts but lack of funds and no proper exposure meant these children’s hidden talents were going useless.

Some children also showcased their amazing dancing skills inspite of having no proper experience in dancing. Few others excelled in guitar, singing also. It must be noted that the volunteers also played major part in the personality development of these children. The initial hiccups that were present were slowly overcome by Durgesh and soon he was able to convince some organizing bodies of the NGO and other volunteers to trust him in this noble work. Problem with respect to the compatibility with these children were present as each kid was different and required to be handled in different manner.

It is now said that Durgesh Kumar is on his way of collecting more funds. He has one big idea in his mind. That is to develop common interface where children’s from various NGOs, schools, homes can learn together and many competitions and events are conducted for this purpose. Great work from Durgesh Kumar and his team!! Way to go!!

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