Egbert Philips- This man from Northwood is inspired by his dad Philips senior who passed away

Egbert Philips- This man from Northwood is inspired by his dad Philips senior who passed away

October 22nd was a sad day in the life of Egbert Philips. It was on this day his dad Egbert Philips Senior breathed his last. It must be noted that his dad could not breathe and he was given CPR by Egbert Philips. Inspite of his great efforts to revive his dad he could not and his dad passed away in the morning at 6AM in a hospital.

The great piece of news about this Egbert Philips is he even took part in the practice on the day his dad passed away and got himself ready for the Falcons match against the rival team Minden in district1-4A Contest and surprised many with his great dedication.

According to Egbert Philips his dad was his biggest fan. His dad was highly supporting and always wanted his son to play. This Egbert Philips who was down initially after the death of his dad recovered and used his dad death as a inspiration for the season. It is now brought out to open that athlete who worked the hardest would be presented with a sledgehammer and Egbert Philips won it.

Egbert Philips felt happy and proud regarding having sledge hammer and said he takes it to wait room track etc. Northwood coach Jim Gatlin felt proud of this Philips and said Philips was smart and does not miss practice at any cost. Egbert Philips also shared his views and said the past three seasons were not good for Falcons team. That this Egbert Philips is multitalented is known by the fact that he is a discus thrower plus does well in soccer. Superb!!

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