Elderly man, William J. Hager, could not see her wife suffering with pain

86-year-old, William J. Hager, had no other options other than killing his 78-year-old loving wife, Carolyn Hager, as she had been ill for the last 15 of the more than 50 years they were married.

Elderly man, William J. Hager, could not see her wife suffering with pain

Reason the old man says for killing his wife is that he was at the position unable to bear the medications cost. Carolyn suffered from “lot of illnesses and other ailments which required numerous medications,” which he “could no longer afford, Mr. Hager said.

So, finally he decided to kill Carolyn while she was sleeping. He shot her in the head; Mr. Hager told the deputy who came to their Florida home. Before informing to the police, he informed his act to his children.

As per the affidavit Hager kept talking, even though the deputy wasn’t questioning him. He said Carolyn Hager had previously told her husband that she wanted to die and added, she hadn’t asked him to kill her. The pity old man Mr. Hager was arrested and charged with a first-degree murder charge.

The case highlights the difficulties met by older people who are retired or on fixed incomes and struggle to pay for their medicine when they are ill or in pain.

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