Emma Clayson- This 23 year old girl with a positive outlook inspires many even after she had breathed her last due to cancer

Pic: scunthorpetelegraph.co.uk

It is really sad that Emma Clayson is not with us anymore. It is important to note that Emma Clayson was a former student from the renowned Lincoln University. She recently passed away as she could not overcome the dreaded cancer that had spread to many parts since November 2015. It must be noted that tributes have been pouring for her after she passed away at the age of 23 just after she got married.

It is superb that Lincoln shared his life with this Emma Clayson and married her recently. Emma Clayson amazed many with her talent as a singer and performed superbly at the North Linconshire venues and caught the attention of many people.
It is sad and shocking that she was diagnosed with breast cancer ever since she was just 20 and even had bilateral mastectomy done on her. Her frequent back pain was caused due to the presence of tumour in the spine.

The month of May the year 2015 turned things upside down for her when she was told that tumour was present in her spine. It is important to note that fund raising appeal to help the family has been set up and it was done by the charity Pride of the Isle. There are plans now to raise 10,000 pounds and an amount of 1800 pounds have been collected til now. It is amazing that this Emma Clayson had positive attitude and always showed love and care to others. Superb!!

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