Everything is available online so why not a Tata Sky connection? Beautiful Ad

Everything is available online so why not a Tata Sky connection Beautiful Ad

We all lead extremely busy lives and try to savour every moment of togetherness and love. Modern technology offers us many conveniences and buying stuff online is surely one of them. Tata Sky realises the importance of such moments and now offers purchase of a Tata Sky connection online and is beautifully shown in their new television commercial.

A young couple is shown enjoying a hot cup of tea at a nukkad and it’s raining in the background. The wife recollects that they have to buy a Tata Sky connection and are getting late. The husband refuses, saying the weather is so romantic and they will buy it online. She is sceptical and tells him that everything isn’t available online. He responds by asking her to recollect where they had met.

A wonderful, naturally flowing advertisement, Tata Sky strikes a chord this time too with this extremely well-enacted commercial, where the product is not the focus, yet we can’t ever forget what is being sold. This romantic ad is a fabulous one and you will want to see it every time it is flashed on the television screen. No wonder they say Tata Sky Laga Daala Toh #PyaarJingalala!

Watch this simple yet impactful commercial here!

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