Facebook Review: See who are Most-Talked about Persons in India in 2015

Facebook Review See who are Most-Talked about Persons in India in 2015

There’s more good news in store for Modi-fans!

If you reckon that a Bollywood star or a sportsperson was the most-talked about individual in India this year, then we’d suggest you look up Facebook’s review.

Turns out, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the major talking point for the 13-crore Indians who use Facebook, apart from Whatsapp.

Facebook’s ‘Year in Review’ report has clearly declared that Indians, in 2015, were ‘thinking’ mostly about Narendra Modi and his prime-ministership.

The ‘Review’-report generated by Facebook is a result of all the conversations between the India-users, during the last year. PM Modi took away the most-talked about prize, beating other legendary topics such as Taj Mahal & APJ Abdul Kalam.

Apart from personalities and monuments, other things India was talking and thinking about included the likes of ‘E-commerce Boom’ which ranked number 3 on the report, followed by Ex-President of India, the Late Abdul J Kalam (#3), ‘Bahubali’ (#4), Nepal Earthquake (#5), actor Salman Khan (#6)

As far places which were ‘checked-in’ the most through the year rank as follows: India ate (#1), Taj Mahal (#2), Marine Drive (#3), Nandi Hills (#4), Gateway of India at Mumbai (#5).

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