Fasting is helpful for our body: Here are 10 Major Benefits of Fasting

Fasting is helpful for our body Here are 10 Major Benefits of Fasting

Fasting means not to eat anything for a day or so with our own will power. Some people do fasting because of religious purposes and some do it for other reasons. Some people believe that fasting connects us to god. Fasting is tough if you are not habitual doing it but this is fact that fasting has many benefits (please take advise from your doctor if you are suffering because of any health issue). Here are some major benefits of fasting.

1) Our body too needs some relaxation

Like we take shut downs of machines similarly our body also needs some small breaks from eating regular food. Fasting helps in cleaning of internal body system. Fasting has many spiritual benefits also. Fasting helps you to sit and introspect yourself. Fasting makes you more cool and calm.

2) Improvement in health system

Fasting at regular intervals helps in reducing excessive weight, improving cholesterol and lowering blood pressure. There are many other health benefits of fasting. Fasting helps you to balance your body system. It helps you repair your body and fills the gaps.

3) Prevention of high blood pressure and diabetes

Some people also believe that if you are not diabetic and regularly do fasting (but consume lot of water) on the fasting day then you can prevent getting diabetic. One should avoid fasting when diabetic. In order to remain non-diabetic, fasting is one of the methods.

4) Rebooting of immune system

Some reports also suggest that fasting helps in rebooting our immune system. It clears old immune cells and helps in building new ones. You learn to manage yourself in all adversarial situations as how your body work when you don’t get food for some time.

5) Detoxification process

When we eat food lot of toxins gets stored in our body. When we do fasting then such poisonous elements gets removed from the body. It is also a physical exercise to test your body functioning.

6) Weight loss

Lot of people does fasting to reduce weight. Some people do fast 2-3 days a week. This is risky and should be done in consultation with doctors. But this is fact that fasting helps a lot in reducing the extra weight.

7) Life increase

Some people believe that if you do regular fasting throughout the year then it adds some extra days to your life. If you look at history especially in India, people used to live long and they used to fast for weeks in a row. Fasting makes you stress free and makes you more humble. It also reduces stress.

8) Improves hunger & digestion

This is also proven that fasting improves hunger and digestion. You tend to eat tasty and good food when you are on fast. But in such case you should not develop over eating habits. Fasting also organizes our eating habits. Fasting helps us to discipline ourselves.

9) Helping poor

Some people follow fasting or skip a meal to help others. Instead of eating food themselves they prefer to give it to other needy ones. It is a great social cause. Countries like India have many people who go to sleep without eating anything. If people who have enough food starts fasting it can help those who doesn’t have access to food at all.

10) Self confidence

Fasting improves your self-confidence a lot. It’s not easy to be on fast for many hours but when you are determined and do so then it increases your confidence level. This is also true that fasting helps you get peace and harmony at mental and physical level. Fasting is also an emotional exercise to test your control on your own body.

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