Father’s Painful Obituary – She Tried To Fight Addiction In Her Own Way

This Fathers Painfully Honest Obituary for Daughter Will Break Your Heart

Image courtesy: This picture was posted on Facebook by @Tom Parks

There is perhaps no tragedy more heartrending than a parent losing a child. When death claimed his 24-year-old daughter, this grieving father made what must have been a difficult decision – to not gloss over the circumstances that led to his daughter dying of a drug overdose in a restaurant bathroom.

In a painfully honest obituary that first appeared in Tributes.com, Tom Parks outlined the details of how his daughter Molly Alice lost her fight against heroin addiction on April 16. “She tried to fight addiction in her own way,” wrote her father Tom Parks on Facebook, adding however that his daughter’s “fight came to an end in a bathroom of a restaurant with a needle of heroin.”

He also pleaded with others in similar situations to reach out. “If you have a friend or a relative who is fighting the fight against addiction please do everything you can to be supportive,” he wrote on Facebook. (Source – NDTV, Read Full Story)

Molly-and-Tom-Parks-MAIN (TN)

Tragic: The dad of a girl who died from a drug overdose has written a brutally honest obituary (Source) 

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