Flexible Loans for Business – A High Beneficial Option

Flexible Loans for Business – A High Beneficial Option
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Businessmen is always short of funds. The profit goes mostly in drawings and reinvesting. For such shortage businessmen generally go for business loans. There are two types of loans – Fixed and Flexible.

In fixed loans the amount is disbursed by bank in one go and the loan expense start from the day of taking loan. The flexible loans like overdraft and cash credit accounts allow them to withdraw amount as much as required at a point of time. This will keep the interest cost low for the business.

Overdraft account – Overdraft account is a type of account in which the account holder can withdraw amount more than the amount lies in his account. Interest is calculated as per end of day balance of each day. So any surplus funds can be deposited and interest can be decreased. However the rate of interest for such loans is generally high than fixed loans generally by one or two percent.

The businessmen also can take a combination of both to further reduce the interest cost. The amount which businessmen seeks to invest in fixed assets like purchasing a plant and machinery can be taken as fixed loan while amount required for day to day working capital can be taken in form of overdraft or cash credit account.

Flexible loans is a very good option for persons with seasonal businesses and who receive fees at a certain part of year like CA.

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