For raising funds for cancer charity in Canada bikers of Sikh community ride 12000 kms in bikes

For raising funds for cancer charity in Canada bikers of Sikh community ride 12000 kms in bikes
Pic: Facebook

While most of us are very self centred and live for our families there are some people in this world who do good for others sake and get noticed. Recently what a group belonging to Sikh community has done would certainly surprise all. It must be noted that the members of Sikh community in Canada travelled 12000 kms in their bikes for a noble cause of collecting funds for a cancer charity.

It is now confirmed that 24 members of the Sikh community drove in 13 bikes for 12000 kms and it is said that they travelled 1200 kms in a day. The streets of British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec got glimpse of these 24 Sikh bikers and they then reached Montreal finally.

The good news is by doing this travel these Sikh community persons were able to raise funds of around 61,194 USD for the cancer society and donations were made by more than 70 individuals and other groups. It is now certain that the money would be used for a great cause and the money would be utilized for cancer based research activities, prevention initiatives and finally for those people with cancers.

It is now said that during their long trip these bikers met some community members and even appeared in the local television channel and radio stations to share some details regarding their journey. The funds collected would be given to the Canadian Cancer Foundation for the benefit of many cancer affected patients. Hats off!!

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