Frank Islam: Award for Indian-American Entrepreneur

Frank Islam Award for Indian-American Entrepreneur

Frank Fakhrul Islam, 63 years of age, is born in Uttar Pradesh’s district Azamgarh, India and is a graduate of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and takes his civic responsibilities extremely important. He is the chairman and CEO of FI investment group, which is a private investment holding company and prior to this, he was the founder and CEO of the QSS group. He is a successful entrepreneur,  investor and philanthropist. He is a civic leader and has supported several civic, educational and artistic causes. He is an Indian-American resident and has established his reputation as a writer and a wise leader.

He hosts his own TV show, “Washington Current Review” on MH2 Networks and also writes articles and columns occasionally for popular publications like The Economic Times, The International Business Times etc. He is socially committed to support the community’s well being and for this he makes all possible personal contributions in all aspects. Frank Islam and his wife, Debbie Driesman started a foundation which pledged $2 Million to AMU  for the construction of a new school of management and he also supported many other institutes and organizations like John F Kennedy centre for Performing Arts, University of Colorado and many brooking institutions.

He will be awarded the UP Ratna Award by UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav at the inaugural UP Pravasi Diwas in Agra on January 4 for his incredible contributions and achievements towards the society. As a son of Uttar Pradesh, he has got this outstanding honor of UP Ratna Award. These awards recognise the efforts and achievements of all NRI’s who originally belong to Uttar Pradesh.

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