Friendship for ever- This inspirational story of Ronaldo and his friend Albert Fantrau is simply superb and shows what friendship is all about


Portugal born football player Christian Ronaldo is an outstanding sportsperson who had made great impact on the people all over with his superb displays. He is highly regarded by many in the Real Madrid team for his superior skills. But how many of us know the real story behind Ronaldo that catapulted him to stardom?

It is superb to note that his friend named Albert Fantrau was the man behind his superb success and when Real Madrid won the Champions League Trophy in the year 2014 this Christian Ronaldo ran towards the crowd waiting to have a glimpse of him. Ronaldo surprised many when he hugged a man named Albert Fantrau from the crowd.

Christian Ronaldo expressed his thoughts about his friend Albert Fantrau and said he was thankful to Albert for his success. He also spoke about how while playing for the same team in under -18 championship Albert Fantrau helped this Ronaldo to catch the attention of the Sporting Lisbon people who had come to see the game. Christian Ronaldo revealed players were told by the Sporting Lisbon persons that whoever scores more goals would be selected by them. Christian Ronaldo said how he scored the first goal and later second goal was scored by Albert Fantrau.

Christian Ronaldo then spoke about how the third goal was scored by him after his friend Albert Fantrau helped him in that. The humble and down to earth nature of Albert Fantrau was brought to light when he told this Ronaldo that Ronaldo was better than him. It is great to note that when some journalists questioned Albert regarding his wealth he replied that Ronaldo helped him. Awesome friendship!!

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