From Rescuing to Rehabilitating : ToFU helps Sex Trafficked Women

From Rescuing to Rehabilitating ToFU helps Sex Trafficked Women

A Bengaluru based enterprise and a clothing brand , ToFU (Threads of Freedom and U) , employs rescued women from sex traffic and rehabilitates them in order to spend a happy life ahead. The organization was started by Pritham Raja (27) , Soumil Surana (27) and Adarsh Nungoor (27) . The life of trafficked women bothered Pritham a lot.

Due to the social stigmas prevailing in the society, it is difficult to rehabilitate these women. Neither their families accept them nor do the companies hire them as they lack the training skills. ToFU was started as an attempt to fix these issues.

From Rescuing to Rehabilitating ToFU helps Sex Trafficked Women

Pritham and his associated devised an idea which was beneficiary for both. They asked the textile industry owners to employ the women rescued by them in lieu of which ToFU will guarantee them a certain number of orders. ToFU buys apparel from its manufacturers which act as financial incentive for the factories. ToFU , thus, provides women with a job and also the healthcare, counseling and training skills alongwith it . ToFu runs its own clothing brand in addition to producing clothes for the other companies in the market. The profit thus earned is used for the betterment and upgradation of the ToFU’s beneficiaries.

From Rescuing to Rehabilitating  ToFU helps Sex Trafficked Women

The social enterprise works with non-profit rescue organisations, government agencies, and professional clothing manufacturers to provide job training, employment, counseling, and support for these exploited women, so that they can get back to leading a respected life as truly free individuals. ToFU wants now to help as many women as it possibly can. It has successfully employed 28 women yet.

Victim is now employed and is looking forward to a better life. ToFU currently can rehabilitate over 100 employees in collaboration with its partners. Pritham focuses on reaching all the victims and bringing a ray of hope in their life by walking hand in hand with ToFU.

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