From the heart of Vikram Kolmannskog


Vikram is a gay who is trying to unveil the world the hurt, depression and frustration he undergone for the sake of his sexuality. People may or may not get quoted as narrow minded for they learn and accept things that they have been seeing for years together.

But, how about those who have a slightly different choice? After all, nature has designed them like this for nobody every remembered to have been asked for the choice of sexuality that would like to make before being born. Alas! With this wisdom floating around people still are so skeptical and repulsive towards the gay community.

Each one of us in on our own journey of life, yet why do we need to mend our ways to please others. It is absolutely okay for a guy to be liking another guy. For these feelings come from within and cannot be changed. Vikram just had a break up with his lover and is completely heart sunk. He travels from Camino de Santiago to a place in Spain called Santiago de Campostela. During his journey by walk, he comes across the natures’ beauty in mountains, sun set, chirping of birds, the greenery around, the clouds, the rains and in everything around.

Everything makes him feel that if nature is what it is supposed to be than why not he makes a natural choice for his life partner. People often get judgmental and refuse to accept the gay community totally. This creates a low self esteem and a big hurt in the hearts of millions of gays who have never learnt any other way of living. Probably, this world needs to develop a broader eye of acceptance and just let people be who they are. Only then, this world would be a better place to live.

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