Funny Being Indian Video: What do you feel about Banaras and being a Banarasi

Funny Being Indian Video What do you feel about Banaras and being a Banarasi

India is full of diversity. Every Indian place has some uniqueness. There’s no place in the world which has so much variety like India. One thing which is very common among every Indian is their sense of humor. Indians like to have fun. They like talking, eating and discussing Cricket & Politics a lot.

Let’s now talk about Indian city Banaras which is also known as Varanasi or Kashi. This is known as spiritual capital of India and it’s one of the prime religious places for Hindu’s. YouTube channel went to Banaras to know what people of Banaras think about this place and about themselves.

This video is quite humors. You will fall laughing from your seat after listening to the answers. These are truly in a desi Banarasi style. Watch and have fun.

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