When funny moustache incident happened with actor Rakesh Bedi in old Chashme Baddoor


Film, TV and stage actor Rakesh Bedi is known for his comic characters. He has worked in many TV serials and films which we still love to watch. No one can forget his performance in TV serial “Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi”.

This legendry actor worked in old Chashme Baddoor also which was directed by Sai Paranjpye. Apart from Farooq Shaikh, Deepti Naval and Ravi Baswani; Rakesh Bedi’s role was also well appreciated in this film.

While an interview to a media website, Rakesh Bedi shared a funny incident which happened during the movie. In Rakesh Bedi’s words:

There was one very funny incident. It happened 30 years back, but I still remember it. I kept real moustache for this role. In between, I left for Mumbai to shoot the second film. For the second film, they wanted me to have a clean shaven look, so my director told me to remove my moustache.

When I went back to Delhi to shoot Chashme Buddoor, I made fake moustache with a pencil. One day director Sai told me to wipe my face as it was sweating due to heat. When I wiped my face, my moustache vanished and she was shocked to see that.

Such incidents makes films more memorable.

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