Funny version of Arvind Kejriwal’s Mann Ki Baat by Super Londay

Funny version of Arvind Kejriwal's Mann Ki Baat by Super Londay

It seems if Indian politics is touching low every day. Most of the politicians are busy playing political games and working to make money. When it comes to communicating with general public, it has also turned to be political. Since AAP has come to power, lot of fun has got added to Indian politics. Blame shifting has reached at a new high.

In all this mess people are trying to be creative to express their anger or show their view towards any particular situation. Few days back, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal did a show “Talk to AK”. Post that it has got mixed response. We have seen people posting funny stuff on social media about “Talk to AK”. It followed by another controversial message on YouTube by the Delhi CM.

In one of the attempt, YouTube channel Super Londay has made a funny video after editing Delhi CM’s latest message. Don’t take it seriously and just watch it for fun.

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