G Sakpal an avid rail enthusiast helps Central Railway by his alertness and prevents disaster.

Pic: Mid-Day

23 year old G Sakpal’s  is an engineer who prevented a disaster on Monday morning at the Kurla railway station,Mumbai.He is an avid rail enthusiast who spotted that a fishplate in a track on the Harbour line – had come loose.Fishplate is the metal bar bolted to the ends of two rails to hold them together .

Though the loosening of the fishplate does not cause much of danger initially but will definately be a concern and lead to disaster after more trains pass over the tracks mentioned the railway official.

Like scores of other commuters Sakpal was waiting to board a train on platform 7 in the early morning when he saw that a part of the rail, at around  4-5 m away, was jutting out on the top and that a fishplate had been damaged. He was able to detect that something was definitely not right .He immediately alerted the motorman of the train and  also informed the railway helpline.

The Railway officials promptly acted on his concern and corrected the damaged track.This led to minor delay in train services and the trains were informed to stick to a speed limit of 10 kmph.

G Sakpal’s alertness saved everyone !

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