Gauravdeep Singh: Fastest Quadrupedal Runner

Gauravdeep Singh Fastest Quadrupedal Runner

Running is a natural form of human locomotion. It is an essential aspect of most sports and is also a simple way that requires little to get exercise anywhere.

To become a quadruped runner, it is a task of utmost determination and talent. (Quadrupedal is applied to animals that walk or run on four feet). Gauravdeep Singh from Punjab is a young talent of 17 years and is determined to achieve heights in his life.

His hard work is his key to success. The young individual has the potential to do something and crave in reaching a particular acme. He always wanted to become the fastest quadrupedal runner, thus, he tailored his body to be the best tool for the task. He put his all efforts in achieving perfection in the art of running. Celebrity status is an addiction for some people and Gauravdeep Singh was also more and more fascinated with being seen and popular and his obsession led him to try the unusual sport.

The fastest quadruped runner in the world is 33 year old Kenichi from Tokyo who sprinted the distance of 100 meters in 15.71 seconds using both hands and feet. Kenichi is also a holder of Guinness World Record for the same. Gauravdeep Singh realizing his hidden talent of running on his all fours, determined and set a goal to break Kenichi’s record and registered himself for the Limca Book of Records and works delicately towards achieving this aim. He now completes 50 meters in just 10 seconds. It is truly said, where there is a will, there is a way.

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