George Matus- This 18 year old is an superb entrepreneur and has built the world’s fastest drone


Some people are just unbelievable even at their very young age and attract the attention of the world with their remarkable activities. One such is this George Matus who at the age of just 18 is the owner of a company named ‘’Teal’’ in Utah, USA. It must be noted that his company is involved in selling of the world’s fastest drone and has four full time employees apart from 15 contractors.

It is interesting to note here that when George Matus was just 12 years of age he was totally different from kids of his age and he designed his own quadcopter. At that age he was also working for some companies involved in drones designing and created superb impact on many with his awesome skills.

This humble CEO George Matus is hugely appreciated for his works and has caught the attention of many. It was superb to note that he wanted drones that would not limit him to take pictures and racing but more than those. The first thing he did was to make a list of all the things he needed in a drone and then prototyping was initiated.

It is now confirmed that he did many years of flying, crashing rebuilding and changing many versions of his products he finished this ‘’Teal’’ and that was his dream come true for him. According to George Matus speed is very important and he was able to fly this drone at 85mph and surprised many. The latest news is this 18 year old George is trying his hand on add-ons so that drone could fly even at greater speeds. Great George Matus!!

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