George V. Nereaparambil- He was once a mechanic but now has amazing 22 apartments in Burj Khalifa in Dubai and is really sensational


Burj Khalifa is very famous tall building located in rich Dubai and has been attracting many people all over. Regarded as the tallest ever structure in the world this Burj Khalifa was constructed in the year 2004 and has got amazing 163 floors in it. This piece of article is all a man named George V. Nereaparambil who owns not one but amazing 22 apartments in this building is very popular now.

It must be noted that this George V.Nereaparambil was a mechanic in his initial stages of his career but worked hard and became a successful businessman. This man is from state of Kerala and his procession of incredible 22 apartments in this tall building was made possible after he was told by his relative that George would not be able to buy a apartment in this world’s tallest building.

It is now brought to light that in the year 2010 he came across an advertisement regarding rented apartment in this building and since then this George V. Nereaparambil rented an apartment and started to live. George felt proud and happy to have 22 apartments and said five out of those 22 are rented and he is waiting for right tenant for his other apartments in this Burj Khalifa.

It was in the year 1976 this man came to Sharjah after he came to know about the air conditioning business in that place and worked hard to set up his own GEO Group of Companies. His determination to succeed has made him a well respected person now. Great!!

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