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GetFocus is an improvised navigation solution which was founded in September 2014 by IIT Bombay alumni, Prateek Chaturvedi, Manoj Gudi and Aditya Misra. The company’s exclusive technology uses the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to locate mobile phones inside malls, shops, airports, and warehouses.


The location of the app becomes easier with less battery usage. The product is an SDK that developers integrate into their apps. Once SDK is installed, it identifies the real-time location of the users and sends it to the app developer, who in turn can send notifications and thus leverage business intelligence ,accelerate scale and marketing.The consumers can be targeted easily at the right time and place since the location is identified.

The best part is  GetFocus does not need customer’s WiFi or Bluetooth in order for SDK to function.It helps to understand customer likes and thus increase engagement with them.This platform helps business to advertise regarding the in-store Offers and list of items woo customers who are nearby and can thus visit the store quickly after seeing the offer or campaign/notification in their mobiles

They have more than 5,000 stores connected in Mumbai, and are now further expanding to Bangalore, Delhi, and other locations. GetFocus raised about $100,00 recently from strategic investors spanning the banking, logistics and telecom sectors which will be used to increase operations across India and the Middle East.

Currently, they are conducting pilots with 20 major apps. Their total download base is about 9 million currently. GetFocus is planning to reach more than 15 million phones in coming six months.GetFocus has a team with eight people and 20 outsourced employees who are spread across four cities..This app will help businesses in Retail, health care, Logistics & Warehouses, office space and mining sectors. Way forward they are aiming to reach over 50 million unique phones in India, the Middle East and South East Asia by the end of 2016.

GetFocus: website

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