Gillian Faith- This lady from British Columbia is a bodybuilder and is highly confident now

Gillian Faith- This lady from British Columbia is a bodybuilder and is highly confident now

A woman from British Columbia has been the centre of attraction these days. This 41 year old woman is a mother of three kids and weighed a mammoth 220lbs before but lost 100lbs and is now inspiring many in their lives Incredible isn’t it!!
The year 2000 is important in her life because in this year she gave birth to her second child and at that point of time she weighed 220lbs.

It must be noted that this Gillian Faith did not bothered to take care of her and resigned to the fact that she was fat. At her college she started to gain weight greatly as she came to know that she was pregnant with her first baby. The shocking piece of information is this Gillian faith wore size 44 men’s pants in 2000 as she weighed 220lbs. It is now revealed that she was a food addict and would hide her eating habits from her family members.

Her third pregnancy and divorce shook her up and at that time she thought of being fit and healthy. This weight reduction was done by dieting and exercising. In May 2013 she took part in first women’s fitness competition and found that she was able to do many things easily. It is now clear that her friends asked Gillian to get involved in bodybuilding. As per Gillian bodybuilding helped her to overcome fears in her life. It must be noted that she had shared her photos of her body on Instagram and she had also shared her thoughts about being over- weight and obese. Great Gillian Faith!!

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