Girl Sues Coaching Class For Low HSC Score, Wins Rs. 3 Lakhs

Girl Sues Coaching Class For Low HSC Score, Wins Rs. 3 Lakhs
Pic: Mid-day

Abhivyakti Verma was a science student who had signed up for a Mathematics and Chemistry coaching  at Oxford Tutors Academy Mumbai, in 2013 since she was weak in Chemistry.

The coaching class played enough hide and seek with connecting the tutors for her which resulted in very low score in Chemistry.

To begin with she did not have any tutor for Chemistry for a month, the Math one was from Hindi Medium.When she complained she got a tutor who taught 8th  grade for ICSE and who was very slow in completing the portions ,the next time she got an IIT student to help her.

Due to tension Abhivytakti went into depression at the time of exams.She could achieve only 60% combined in Maths-Physics-Chemistry against the 83% she had scored in her SSC exam.Her mom was disappointed and felt that the tutors were incapable in teaching her kid and hence she scored less %. Abhivytakti had to even give up her dream of joining the Hyderabad college due to this.

In 2015, distressed she filed the lawsuit against the coaching centre, though they had enough complaints against they won the lawsuit.

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