Good Days For Animals: Testing of Soaps, Detergents on Animals to be Banned

Testing of Soaps Detergents on Animals to be Banned in India
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Adding to the series of bans being introduced by the country’s governance, people should now ready themselves to see another prohibition taking effect very soon. In all likelihood, the government is gearing up to ensure that soaps and detergents do not get tested on animals from now on.

This new ban, whenever put into effect, will see good feedback from the people, especially those that favor animal rights.

Leading from the Front

The move to put the ban into effect was initiated by Maneka Gandhi, who is famous for her role as an animal rights activist. Soon after approval is sought, the notification of the testing ban will come from the quarters of the Commerce ministry and Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP.)

Unfolding of Events

The decision to introduce such a ban came about at a meeting chaired by the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA.) At the meeting , held on 24 August this year, the environment ministry helmed by Prakash Javadekar unanimously reached a consensus in favor of the ban.

Brave Decision

The implementation of this ban will definitely be an applause-worthy moment. Primarily because the advancements made in molecular science, and the facilities of computer modelling enable the conduction of such tests meaning we no longer need to endanger the lives of animals.

Equality of Animals

More than anything this news is a sigh of relief for all animal-rights supporters that are continuously working for betterment of animals across the country.

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