Good or Bad, Still 10 Motivations from IPL – Howzz That!!

IPL is India’s number one club sport. Even if IPL has got involved into so many controversies but still it has some positive aspects as well. MotivateMe is trying to highlight those positives.

1) It’s giving chance to new players. It will strengthen India’s bench strength.

IPL Players India

2) It’s promoting sport in India. Parents are understanding that sport is a full time profession now

kids and parents cricket

3) India has got dominance in World Cricket because of IPL.


4) It has improved Cricket infrastructure in India.


5) It has helped access to foreign cricketers.

It has helped access to foreign cricketers.

6) Businessmen have started investing in sports


7) Teams representing states are giving chance for Individual states to perform well and lead

Shahrukh Khan Mamta Banerjee

8) It will help promote India’s tourism.


9) It will help other services to improve like telecast, hotels, advertising, health etc.


10) Because of IPL now other sports are also picking up like Kabaddi, Badminton, Hockey etc

Indian Badminton League

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