Government employee Umesh Bommakkanavar sets example for many


These days it is very tough to find persons who are more concerned about the society where they live. When many of us don’t even bother about our own families this man had done wonders and by this had set a great example for others.

This man named Umesh Bommakkanavar is a Block Education Officer in Hubbali, Karnataka. It is said that he had taken steps to prevent the kids from dropping out of their school life. This Umesh started nursery education to students studying in 22 government schools in Hubbali. By this superb work he had helped many parents who can now take the advantage of government schools so that huge amounts of money are saved.

It must be noted that students dropping out from their school education were more in these places. Mr Umesh did extensive research on this aspect and one day he started kinder garden school. It is important for kid to have pre-school education and the required permission from higher authorities have made this possible and it is now said that kids above the age of four are admitted.

It is confirmed now that the response for this has been amazing with 450 students joining the nursery and the main advantages of this are these kids get milk, mid day meals etc. Unlike anganwadi type this is different and children are given proper education by the teachers.

Other important scheme that is utilized to prevent kids from dropping out from the schools is introduction of health care where kids are regularly dewormed and supplied micronutrients.

Conduction of many workshops to improve the skills of students so that their critical thinking and social negotiation skills get improved is another scheme to check the kids dropping out.

Apart from this others like commitment to child friendly facilities such as separate toilet for boys and girls, safe drinking water facility, barrier free access for kids having disabilities and finally authorizing construction of dormitories etc also forms part of the scheme.

It must be noted that a nation with educated youngsters is always better than rich individuals. Hope the steps taken by this Hubbali education system in preventing drop outs from schools opens the eyes of many in the future. Way to go!!

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