Government fixes price caps for 530 essential medicines

Government fixes price caps for 530 essential medicines
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Medicines play a major role in our daily lives. It is true that most of us would find it difficult to live without the help of medicines. Many types of medicines are there at present which are used to treat variety of health problems. It is known that National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority or NPPA is mainly responsible for controlling the medicine prices in India.

This NPPA was established in the year 1997 with its headquarters in New Delhi. Apart from providing funds for studies regarding the pricing of medicines this NPPA is also responsible for shortage of drugs and is always monitoring it so that problem due to shortage does not exist.

Recently it was said that this NPPA has fixed the ceiling for 530 essential medicines that included 47 medicines for cancer and 22 for HIV. According to Mr Hansraj Gangaram Ahir, minister for chemicals and fertilizers, under the National List of essential medicines 2011 NPPA had fixed the ceiling prices for 530 essential medicines.

It was also said that under the Drug Price Control Order 2013, DPCO, maximum retail price had been capped for 106 non scheduled drugs and 84 of those medicines find applications in cardiovascular diseases and 22 for treatment of diabetes.

Under DPCO 2013 retail prices of 247 new drugs had been fixed by this NPPA. It was also said that fixing price caps on the essential medicines was the order of the day as per the rules of National Pharmaceutical Pricing Policy. The main point here is the strength and dosages of the medicines specified in NLEM are taken into consideration as it would help majority of people. Superb work!! Health is wealth!!

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