Government of India to Adopt BOSS: a highly Secured Indigenous Operating System

BOSS Operating System-TN

Digital revolution is taking place all around the world and in mean time India has also come with its very own Digital India Campaign under its Make in India program which is also getting a lot of prevalence these days and for adding fuel to that initiative Indian Government has developed a highly improvised and absolutely secured operating system, known as BOSS. Full form of BOSS is Bharat Operating System Solutions and it has been developed with a purpose of creating a new operating system that can efficiently overcome the vulnerabilities that exist in government cyberspace.

Basically in this digital world; danger of cyber war always coexists with all the technological advancements and that’s why government cyberspace should never be vulnerable to the attacks of hackers. By keeping all this in mind this OS has been developed by CAD which is Centre for Development of Advanced Computing and very soon it will be launched and then used by government. Government sources reveal that it efficiently answers government’s need of having a fully secure network as it has fresh codes that are absolutely unique to the system and have been specifically written for this OS.

The source code used for BOSS makes it absolutely safe as it has defended itself from all sorts of attacks even from the cyber attacks attempted by Army Intelligence conducted for testing its potential. It supports all the official Indian languages and hence it is for sure one of the most remarkable and laudable efforts done by CAD team.

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