Government to Set up World’s 1st Global eCommerce Hub for B2B Businesses

Government to Set up World’s 1st Global eCommerce Hub for B2B Businesses

India’s government is hoping to accomplish its target of $300 billion worth of exports by 2016-end. But there’s a problem. The Indian exports are plummeting at the moment.

Much to the dismay and disappointment of our government, the falling exports is bad news. In a bid to enforce damage-control, the government is now working up plans to launch a huge international ecommerce hub for export/import, in the B2B niche.

This portal will be the go-to place for any Indian seller or buyer to connect with any businessman from any part of the world, and conveniently conduct trade.

Insider-buzz is that the idea of such a portal has germinated after watching the success achieved by Alibaba, which is an already-popular online market-place for B2B businesses. Reports indicate that the Indian government’s B2B-portal is likely to include many of Alibaba’s key features.

According to a source, “This is a very ambitious project which will add brand equity and no other country has such a portal. This has been in the works for quite some time now.”

To start with, the government-sponsored portal will have lakh sellers from India, which would be upped to 5 lakh in near future. The big goal however, is to provide empowerment and training for 40 crore Indian SMEs and tradesmen and teach them International trade in the most refined manner.

And what’s more, the reins for worldwide delivery will be handled by India Post. Furthermore unconfirmed reports also suggest that Government will include the provision of providing subsidies for international shipping, using India Post’s channel.

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