Grace Frodor- This UK based business woman has founded Studio 10 that deals with beauty and anti-ageing products and is simply superb


As a business woman Grace Frodor had established herself in United Kingdom now. Grace Frodor is the owner of Studio 10 and she has caught the attention of many now.

It is great to hear that her business empire is growing at the international level and she is highly appreciated by many. Grace Frodor shared her story behind her Studio 10 that is spoken highly and said there was a big gap in the market for the range created for women community as they age over the years. At this juncture she set up her company though her heritage was marketing, public relations etc.

Grace Frodor also spoke about the research work done in setting up the business though she did not plan her career in beauty field. She shared some of the issues that came on her way of setting up her company like infrastructure, money etc. She threw light on how the market was studied in detail and also how competitors function.

She also spoke about her daily activities that would begin with a run with her pet dog. She thanked all those who have given help in setting her own company in beauty products and also mentioned her dad who always supported her. She also threw light on how she wanted to develop anti-ageing products for those above 35 years of age as the demand was high and it was not explored before. She also shared her thoughts about how analysing the competitor is very important to succeed. Amazing Grace Frodor!!

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