Gracie Billups- This young cancer patient gets national championship ring from UNA Softball coach Ashley Cozart and is inspiring many


Recently at Florence Braly Stadium in Alabama, USA a ten year old cancer affected patient Gracie Billups was cynosure of many eyes. The reason for that was she was given national championship ring by none other than UNA Softball coach Ashley Cozart and it took place during the football match of the Lions.

The news that would surprise many is the softball players of North Alabama had never previously seen this 10 year old cancer girl Gracie Billups and the first time the players met her was at the Denver in the last year spring season when Division 2 World Series games took place.

Ashley Cozart who is the coach of UNA Softball was all praise for this cute girl having cancer and said it all began when she threw out the first pitch before semi final match of the Lions and this match was played against Southern Arkansas. It must be noted that this was an initiative taken by Make-A-wish foundation.

After that this ten year old Gracie sat in the dugout with the lions and mingled with the team well. It is superb to note that UNA team emerged victorious in the match and this girl was invited to the locker room and the team members prayed for her recovery.

Coach Ashley Cozart expressed his delight about Gracie Billups and said all the team members felt for her and her family as she supported their team and cheered the players greatly. It was amazing to note that the players, fans all wore purple dress with ‘’Play for Gracie’’ Tshirts. Superb Gracie Billups!!

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