Great news-This Rajat Sethi helped BJP win in Assam

Great news-This Rajat Sethi helped BJP win in Assam

Rajat Sethi is now praised by many as the person responsible for making BJP to rule again in Assam. This person in spite of having degrees from the prestigious IIT, Harvard and MIT is very humble.

His humbleness can be seen when he says that he is not Prashanth Kishore and he should not be compared with him at any cost. This USA returned 30 year old person is now highly appreciated BJP strategist.

This Rajat is of the opinion that his ideologies are similar to those of BJP and doesn’t feel proud regarding his great achievement of making BJP on top.

He is also of the view that Prashant Kishore was different and was interested more in making money. It must be noted that this Prashanth Kishore who supported Nitish and Lalu Prasad Yadav is giving his support to Congress now in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

After getting requests from BJP general secretary Mr Ram Yadav this Rajat Sethi supported BJP. It is now conformed that by using social media BJPs agenda was made to known to young men and women. Offline also he was able to make an impact and he utilized what he had learnt from Harvard University. His public dialogues, Town hall meetings are now spoken in great esteem by others.

He also gave credit to Sonowal and Biswa Sharma who were responsible for the success of BJP in Assam elections now. Superb Rajat Sethi!!

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