Gulshan Grover who believes “Villainy is His Brand” defines importance of changes in life


Gulshan Grover, great Indian Hindi film actor, we all knows for his trademarks like “Bad Man” and “Ganna Chus Ke”. This seasoned actor has great views about changes in life. He welcomes changes and is a firm believer that changes are very important in life to grow.

In one of the interview to a website, once Gulshan Grover shared great views about changes in life:

He believes that there are huge changes happening worldwide.

He is always ready to face and accept challenges.

Not everyone likes changes but it’s important to accept changes whether someone likes or dislikes, that’s what he believes.

He believes that changes bring evolution and progress. We have to leave old to adopt new things. It’s true because change is the inevitable.

In his own words “For example, the SMS has rendered telegrams obsolete.”

He believes that people who don’t accept changes and don’t keep pace with the time lags behind.

“One must learn that what one did in the past was relevant then but has no connection now” he believes.

In life we can learn from every person. We agree with views of Gulshan Grover and feel that those who are well prepared for changes are the winners!!

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